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Research & Innovation

As a specialised partner in communication and stakeholder engagement for H2020 projects, Arctik is dedicated to supporting research and innovation which bolster the transition of European markets towards a competitive, low-carbon and circular economy!

Over the years, our team has developed expertise within the fields of environmental management, circular economy, climate adaptation and climate services communication. 

Science Communication 

Science communication is becoming increasingly prevalent as a means through which scientific information can be relayed to a public audience in an innovative and engaging manner. By carefully considering which elements need to be communicated, Arctik develops tailor-made communication materials along with high-quality events & activities which benefit both the target audience and the communicators. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience of working with scientific projects which necessitate the ‘translation’ of complex data & information into concise and relatable forms which can be transmitted to the intended target audience. 

Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement

Recent projects include:

ENHANCE - Enhance society's resilience by providing new scenarios in selected hazard cases and by developing new multi-sector partnerships.

IMPREX - Improving predictions and management of hydrological extremes

Climate-Fit.City - One-stop shop for urban climate data and added-value services.

Powerstep - Initiate a new era for wastewater treatment. Full-scale demonstration of energy positive sewage treatment plant concepts towards market penetration.

Protagoras - Think thank

As a member of the European Think Tank Protagoras, which specialises in public and political communication, Arctik demonstrates its commitment to bridge academics research and professional practice of communication. 

PROTAGORAS seeks to build bridges between academic research and a largely unknown professional field. The laboratory reflects the needs and wants of public and political communicators. It incorporates a valuation approach that also takes into account the global evolution of communication practices and their impact in the media.