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RESCATAME LAYMAN’S REPORT LIFE 08 ENV/E/000107 Arctik delivered a Layman's report as part of a consultancy work on the LIFE Environment project RESCATAME. RESCATAME is a European project (co-financed by LIFE programme) and represents a new system for sustainable traffic management by using models that predict pollution levels, which are fed with data, gathered by the air quality sensors network and may help to take early action. The project has included the implementation of a sensor network at critical points (hot-spots) in the city of Salamanca (Spain) which provides pollution data that after having been modeled are a key element in the management of urban air pollution and to ensuring sustainable mobility in Salamanca. 

Facts about the projects

  • Title: RESCATAME - LIFE environment
  • Date: 22 Apr 13

Projects overview