A successful transition to a circular economy requires awareness and ownership of the model by a much wider range of actors within the EU than currently exists.

With this in mind, Arctik raises awareness and uptake of the European Commission’s circular economy instruments (EU Ecolabel, EMAS, GPP, Sustainable Buildings, ETV and PEF/OEF) under the new contract ‘Promotion of circular economy tools and policies’.

Arctik has been contracted by the European Commission’s DG Environment to communicate on the different instruments in the context of the EU’s policy priorities and related initiatives and to demonstrate the connections between each instrument in the building of the circular economy.
Arctik’s role is to effectively promote these instruments through communications, public relations and creative services.

This includes: Development of a communication strategy and practical communication tools that streamline the communication of the different instruments under a common circular economy narrative; development of an integrative and compelling branding strategy; generation of a range of key messages for different target audiences.

Arctik has undertaken a variety of targeted communication actions, including editorial work, social media and stakeholder engagement as well as overseeing creative work such as web design, video and visual production (for newsletters, brochures and social media posts).

Since inception of the Circular Economy contract, Arctik has also driven the establishment of the EU Ecolabel 25th anniversary pop-up store, The Showroom, and has begun the design of an online, interactive display on Europa.eu to illustrate the 6 tools within the circular economy.

For more information on the 6 circular economy tools:

EU Ecolabel

Facebook & The Showroom


Facebook & Performers

Sustainable Buildings (Levels)

Factsheet & Flyers





Facts about the projects

  • Title: Promotion of circular economy tools and policies ENV.B.1/SER/2016/0049
  • Client: European Commission, Directorate General Environment
  • Date: 10 Feb 17

Projects overview