What does eco-innovation mean to you? New videos by Arctik

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As part of its contract with DG Environment, Arctik produced a series of videos to illustrate what is eco-innovation today in Europe.

To tackle today’s environmental and economic challenges with a view to achieving a circular economy, we need eco-innovation. The EU’s Eco-Innovation Action Plan (EcoAP) aims at accelerating the market uptake of eco-innovation by addressing its barriers and drivers. However, the concept itself remains vague and lacks concrete examples to gain a stronger foothold in the market.

Arctik asked three different eco-innovation players to share their views on how eco-innovation contributes to a competitive and resource-efficient Europe.

  • The INNEON Network for Eco-Innovation Investment aims to increase the private and public funding available for eco-innovation. Alison Cavey, Orion Innovations, explains challenges faced by entrepreneurs and investors, and provides potential solutions.
  • Why are there so many eco-labelling schemes? Andrew Prag, Policy Analyst at the OECD, gives reasons and discusses some of the issues relevant to eco-labels around the world.
  • Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) can support technologies to reach the market. Learn from Alberto Pozzi how the ETV is helping the Italian company Leopoldo Pozzi.
  • In addition, Arctik gathered testimonials of business and policy representatives from all over Europe with a simple question: “what does eco-innovation mean for you?”

    And you, what does eco-innovation mean for you?

    Get more information on the Eco-Innovation Action Plan on its new website and stay tuned for more eco-innovative ideas via @EU_ecoinno.