Arctik has demonstrated not only impeccable communication strategy and planning skills, but also timely and precise execution of the planned activities. This is why Arctik has been absolutely indispensable to UNISDR and the ENHANCE project.

Biljana Markova, UNISDR, Programme Officer

Arctik is a professional communication company which really delivers tailored communication platforms, webdesign, social media outlet and conference organisation. The strength of Arctik is that they can bridge the gap between the research and policy domains. In our experience, they are pro active and reliable!

Jeroen Aerts, Institute for Environmental Studies in Amsterdam, Professor

Over the last two years I have been collaborating very closely with Arctik as part of the ENHANCE research partnership. The support and services provided are invaluable and have helped me to communicate my research findings with a very broad group of stakeholders. This was most notable during the recent UNWCDRR in Sendai, where Arctik was instrumental in facilitating dialogue and interaction with key decision makers and other researchers.

Swenja Surminski, London School of Economics (LSE), Senior Research Fellow

I always enjoy partnering with C├ędric and his team. They bring originality as well as knowledge and experience to every challenge they undertake. Because we believe in the same values, working together is easy.

Graham Sprigg, IMS Consulting, CEO

Arctik is into beauty. Arctik is into quality. Arctik is into creativity. Arctik likes the word 'aesthetic'. For us in zotoi, creating software solutions together with Arctik means to be sure that the end customer will get nothing less than the best - having fun in the process!

Sara Ambrogiani & Mauro Cicio, zotoi GbR, Founders